Artist Alley

Ancient City Comic Con July 15-17, 2016 | Port St. Lucie, FL Ancient City was the first convention in the convention marathon! (Sorry it took so long for photos, but its been a long summer) This convention was a travel one that I got to share with my husband and my buddies 😀 we all shared a hotel which made expenses more manageable. I was able to get a table all by myself 😀 full table set up! yay! I went with a full display for my badges which really helped their sales 😀 I got to meet some wonderful cosplayers who were lovely and helpedRead More →

Florida Fandomania

Florida Fandomania June 17-19, 2016 Happy Wednesday Everyone! Last weekend was Florida Fandomania! This was Florida Fandomania(s) first year in Port St. Lucie and there were a few hiccups along the weekend. Aside from those, the things I love about small conventions in different locations is the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and make connections! I met so many wonderful people That I hope we keep in touch and get to meet up at other conventions! Thus growing my artist alley branches even longer! Another nice thing about slow/new conventions is I get to take more photos of cosplayers! This is one ofRead More →

Smol Peridot Speed Drawing

Smol Peridot Speed Drawing If you didn’t know already I was requested to make a “smol” Peridot badge by one of my customers! If you were curious what “Smol” means its Tumblr for Small, and the most iconic Smol Peridot scene is when she tries on the Alien Boxers. Of course then Garnet catches her and then the Boxers are destroyed T_T so sad! But the Boxers will live on in our hearts! So I thought I would practice making a speed drawing of my process of coloring. I usually start out with a sketch (hand drawn is the only way I get the best results) and then IRead More →

Artist Alley Megacon 2016

Mega-con 2016 Dates: May 27-30, 2016 Hello everyone, sorry for being MIA for a few months, I had a lot of family to hang out with and new products to work on.  But now I’m getting back into the swing of Blogging. Last weekend was Mega-con! The largest convention in Orlando, maybe even Florida! It was a whopping four days, granted Thursday was more of a half day (hours were 2-9) but that was so everyone who had a “real job” to do could go after work. I had the privilege of sharing an Artist Alley table with the very talented Jesse Bechtold. If youRead More →

Oh my goodness! Holiday Matsuri was sooo much fun! I can’t wait until next year. I am totally going to have a nice Christmas themed cosplay!!!! I also introduced some new products to my store that were really successful! GLITTER STICKERS. Anyways, here are some photos from the convention! 😀 thank you everyone that let me take your photos and I hope you liked your little free gift 🙂     During Holiday Matsuri I held some test photoshoots 🙂 they turnout out so well that I’m thinking of offering them at other conventions. if your interested check out my photography site 🙂 and theRead More →

This year was the first year for Mega-con Fan Days, so it was a bit rushed. But I think its a great idea to have two Mega-cons in a year 🙂 spread the love. Here are some wonderful cosplayers who helped me out in advertising for my shop. if you would like your photographs sans watermark please done hesitate to ask me 🙂 I also made many new friends and caught up with some old ones 🙂 Over all I had a lot of fun! there are way more photographs then this for each of my products. if your looking for yourself, just type yourRead More →

Animate Miami was last weekend in Miami, Florida and it was awesome! There were so many great cosplays, I basically went nuts with photographs! Thank you everyone that worked with me to make my store even better! Follow this link to my photography page for more cosplay photos!!! Thank you all my lovely cosplayers for letting me take your photos for my store. If your interested in your photograph please don’t hesitate to message me 🙂 I would love for you to have it. My mission is to find cosplays for each of my products, so if your cosplaying at future cons please come by myRead More →

Happy Tuesday 🙂 Umicon was last weekend in Daytona Beach Florida. Despite the fact that there was no program or time frame, I had fun! there were many wonderful artists and cosplayers! I debuted my newest pieces. Steven Universe Banner and the Gravity falls series (poster, mini prints, pins and badges) They seemed to do soooo well 🙂 Here was my booth set up in artist alley!  and my beautiful new poster! it looks so pretty in real life! and the colors just pop right off the page! if your interested in buying a poster here’s the link 😀 Banner Steven Universe Poster I’m happyRead More →

Wow AFO must have been my favorite convention this year! I met a lot of great artists and people and I never get tired of seeing my bestist buddy Noelle! Better late than never, but here are just some of my wonderful cosplays I found at Orlandos AFO, I’m working on a cosplay project where I get cosplayers involved with my store 🙂 If I took photos of you and your not on there the photos may have been blurry or dark (happens at 2am, lol) anyways. come find me at my next convention (which happens to be Umicon in Daytona) I would love toRead More →